Birthday fun

Heart in Motion Birthday Blast

Miss Nikki gets them up and dancing!


Birthday funOh my!  What fun!  What joyous, uninhibited, and playful fun!  I spent an afternoon at a kid’s birthday party at Heart in Motion Studio in Ridgewood, New Jersey and the excitement was contagious.  Even the parents were getting up to dance and move!

First there was freestyle ball playing, then limbo, then oversized hoola hoops where the kids could improvise their own technique and style. Then “Downtown Do Your Thing” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling” dance-alongs — and all the kids were dancing.  Disco lighting, reflected in the huge dance studio mirrors, gave everyone a sense of stardom!  Finally, the afternoon culminated in a karaoke explosion!

Shake your body down to the ground

Heart in Motion owners Nikki Manx and Laura Van Dyke clearly know what they are doing when it comes to engaging kids, both boys and girls, and getting them up and moving.

So, as the cold and dreary days continue, think about having your party in and indoor space where you can shake your sillies out.  Heart in Motion offers a number of different packages from simple room rental where you can do-it-yourself, to facilitated activities like the ones mentioned above, to full party planning with décor and catering.

Check them out for a good “party in motion”  And, by the way, they can adapt the space to soirees for grown-ups too!  Valentine Day Salsa anyone?